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The Jamia Zia-ul-uloom Poonch was established as a Madrasa, in 1974 in the old Masjid Bagyallan, City Poonch. At that time ignorance, superstition and educational backwardness was common in muslim population of this area. During that period schism, pasanism Irreligiousness and unislamic traditions were considered as Islam, whereas the majority of Muslim population was quite ignorant from real Islam. The people were not aware of the Madarsa Concept. There was no religious institution in the region for imparting Quraanic and Islamic education to the Muslim children and youths. Therefore keeping in view the above mentioned facts and needs of the hour to have a religious Institution, a maktib was established initially in bagyallan masjid, now better known as Jamia Zia-UI-Uloom and Jamia Tut Tayibaat.

Before 1974, a large number of Ulama, after completing their religious education from a prestigious Institution, Dar - UI - Uloom Deoband (U.P) had reached back to this region. But the circumstances were so risky and unfavourable that they thought it would not be better to open a Madrasa in this region. Hence when the Madrasa, Zia-ul-Uloom, was to be estabjished, one of the old Fazil-e-Dar-Ul- Uloom, Deoband and, the student of late, Maullana Hussain Ahmed Madni (R.A.) namely Maulana Feroz-ud-Din Khaki, sympathetically suggested to the founder of the Jamia Zia-ul-uloom (Hazrat Maullana Ghulam Qadir) that no Madrasa should be opened at Poonch because it would be very difficult to succeed in running such a religious Institution in these critical and unfavorable conditions and circumstances. So you must stay away from opening a Madrasa.

The faith was in Almighty Allah and purpose was circulation and dissemination of Islam.

Therefore keeping in view the Quranic Verse "La-Taq-na-Too min-Rahmatillah" and in the name of Almighty Allah, the Madrasa Zia- Ul-Uloom, was established in the old Masjid bagyallan, City Poonch. This mosque was in a deteriorated and deplorable conditions. No body was offering prayer (Namaz) in the mosque, Some people used to fasten their cattle in the premises of the mosque. There was a well in the premises of the mosque, where women of the surrounding area used to bath and wash their clothes. This was the condition of the mosque. The mosque was cleaned, washed and teaching - learning system was started with a few student in the Madrasa. Later on, with the passage of time and dire needs of the society, the Madrasa Zia-ul-uloom, was upgraded to Jamia Zia-UI-Uloom, beside a primary school was also started with the Jamia, which was later on upgraded to Middle School and now it is High School, with the provision of science and computer education. In addition to the above "Jamiatut-Tayyabat" for female education has also been started.

After one and half year of establishment of the Madrasa Zia-ul-Uloom the Mohatmim of a great Isalamic University of Asia-Dar-Uloom Deoband (UP) and a religious and spiritual personality Hazrat Maullana Qari Mohammed Tayyab (R.A.) who had great affection and regard for the founder of the Jamia-Zia-ul-Uloom, was invited to visit this Institution.

Worthy Hakeem-ul-lslam accepted the invitation. After 1974 this was the first chance when such a great Islamic Personality agreed to come to this hilly, far-flung and remote corner of the Jammu & Kashmir state ie: jammu, kashmir, kargil, ladakh. Since Hakeem-ul-lslam Qari Tayyab (R.A.) had affectionate relation with the founder of Jamia-Zia-ul-Uloom, Hazrat Maullana Ghulam Qadir and he was considered one of the top most scholars of Dar-ul-Uloom, Deaband, that is why Hakeem-ul-lslam (R.A.) accepted the invitation despite of the fact that no conducive road and transport facilities were available in this far-flung area.

With the grace of Almighty Allah, Maullana Qari Tayyab (R.A.) traveled to Poonch in the month of December 1976 when there was severe cold in this region. Hakeem-ul-lslam reached to Madrasa Zia-ul-Uloom, Poonch and stayed here for three days. The Ulama who had already completed their studied from Dar-UI-Uloom, Deoband gathered around Qari Tayyab (R.A.) and sought his valuable guide lines, and best wishes. He encouraged the Ulama and blessed them. He especially encouraged, guided and blessed the founder of Madrasa Zia-ul-Uloom, Hazrat Maullana Ghulam Qadir, who is the man of great commitment and dedication. It is a result of good wishes and blessing of Qari Tayyab (R.A.) that Zia-UI-Uloom has never failed on any field. The journey from Darul-ul-Uloom Deoband (UP) to Jammu was normal whereas, from Jammu to Poonch it was very difficult hard and tiresome journey. The road was in dilapidated condition and no transport facilities were available.

The Madrasa was in its initial stage, when some person having vested interest started oppositions of the Madrasa and it continued up to ten years, it is very difficult to narrate the whole painful story of oppression committed by a minor class of ignorant Muslim, In brief the students, the teachers and the Ulama were badly beaten, the material was stolen and the building was damaged. Moreover many attempts were made to assassinate the founder of the Madrasa. Once the founder Hazrat Maullana Ghulam Qadir was arrested and sent to police custody without any allegation, But the founder did not lose his heart, temper, courage, confidence and faith in Almighty Allah. He continued his efforts and struggles to achieve the target and goal and result, succeeded in upgrading Madrasa Zia-ul-Uloom to Jamia Zia-ul-Uloom with remarkable, regard able, and remember able name and fame.

In-spite of opposition, Unavoidable circumstances and limited resources, the Madrasa remained progressing with firmness and reached to the level of Jamia. The Students of Jamia Zia-ul-Uloom, Poonch after completing their studies seek admission in Dar-UI-Uloom Deoband (UP.) and also in other prestigious Institution of the country for further higher studies. After completing the studies from Dar-ul-uloom, Deoband some of them join Tableeghee-Mission and preach religious education. This institution, is a center of Dawat-o-Tableegh. Now the Jamia-Zia-UI-Uloom, Poonch is known throughout the country because of its performance, achievements and contributions in the field of education, society and in all walks of life. It is now considered as one of the best educational institution of the country. Who so ever has visited the Jamia he has realized and acknowledged  the service of Jamia in all the fields, may be education, upliftment of the society, training co-operation and selfless services. Now the Jamia Zia-ul-Uloom is not an institution but an alive educational movement.

The Jamia Zia-ul-Uloom, has opened various Makatibs and Madarees in the different villages of twin districts-Poonch & Rajouri. A large number of mosques (30+)  have been constructed throughout the region especially in far flung areas. This work will further be extended in near future. The Historians of the present days, and future times would be compelled by the achievements, contributions and circumstances to pen down the golden history of the Jamia Zia-ul-Uloom, Poonch.



 Admissions are open in Jamia Zia Ul Uloom and Jamia Tut Tayibaat for the Year 2017-18. Those interested may call on +91-96220-41852, +91-95968-85012.




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The Jamia Zia-ul-uloom Poonch was estd. As a Madrasa, in 1974 in the old Masjid Bagyallan, City Poonch. At that time ignorance, superstition and educational backwardness was common in muslim population of this area. [continue....]


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